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We have recently updated this testimonial page. Didn't want to put names of buyers and their thank you message anymore. But we would just like to share with you what we have experience since the day we started this online store.

Since the launch of our site that was formerly named as "Wing Chun Supply" in 2008, we have been satisfying many clients that purchased with us. Clients mainly from Malaysia that comes from various states such as Melaka, Johor, Penang, Selangor, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan,  Kuala Lumpur, also from Singapore. We have never disappoint them. We earn trust from them although goods like the "wooden dummy" is a PRE-ORDER items and they have to wait for at least 30 days for the arrival to their doorstep, in the end, they thank us for our great support. Since 2008, we have supplied more than 200 dummies to various clients who practices Wing Chun, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and some other martial arts.

Through our 5 years of dealing journey, clients call and email us for their interest in our products. Some is not convince that they have to pay upfront, and wait for 30 days. We tell them, "Buy from us ONLY if you trust us" We never tried even to put effort to convince them with guaranteed words so they will buy from us. To us, our policy is simple, ONLY if you trust, if you don't, never force your self. In the end, our clients, still made those orders and we DELIVER.

We have 5 Years of importing and delivering. 200 Satisfied Wooden Dummy Customer Nationwide and Singapore.
"The trust is in your hands. We don't need you to buy from us, But if you do, YOU will be another satisfied clients of us"

 -Wing Chun Fitness-