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Malaysia/Worldwide region. We supply your Wing Chun wooden dummies,
Martial Arts Equipments and now, Fitness and Gym Equipment.
Assuring you the most reasonable price with top quality

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Malaysia-Worldwide Wing Chun, Martial Arts and Fitness Products Supply 

Malaysia/worldwide Wing Chun, Martial Arts, Gym and Fitness Supply is a web base online store that operates in capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.  We put our main focus on Wing Chun product line and needs. This includes, Wooden Dummy/Mok Yan Jong, Butterfly Sword/Bart Jaam Dao. Besides, We are now developing and supplying more fitness related products. Upcoming we will introduce you to our Home Gym range of products. 

We covers most of Asian Country and some in the middle east such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, Turky, Arab Saudi, Australia, and Japan. We open our market to America and Europe Region as well

Our main focus is to offer a better and more affordable price on Wing Chun, Martial Arts and Fitness materials. Our Wooden Dummy is aim to be the cheapest but high quality in Malaysia. Same goes to  other products

We hope to provide the best price and quality to all wing chun and martial arts lover in Malaysia and Asia. If there is any queries about our products and prices, Please email us at Happy shopping with us.



The below images is the latest product update of our manufacturing supply. We just get a new distributorships, bringing in heavy weights dummies with new space saving suction base, with reasonable prices

For more info kindly click here to our wooden dummy pages



Economical Budget Dummies

 Announcing MORE PRODUCTS with LESSER PRICE. Wing Chun Supply already earn its name as the cheapest Wing Chun/ Ving Tsun Supply in Malaysia and Asia. NOW we even have LOWER PRICE for HIGH QUALITY WOODEN DUMMY. Kindly clicks the icon below





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